Events of development of MIDAS_HU MODEL

April 2012

Decision about starting to develop MIDAS_HU microsimulation model.

June 2012

midashu06Signing a two-year aggreement about the deveopment of MIDAS_HU with Belgian Federal Planning Bureau (FPB). This institution is the supervisor of the MIDAS_BE which is core component of the whole MIDAS product family and the supporting LIAM2 programming language. The project is lead by Gijs Dekkers.

The first meeting with FPB's experts, and other Hungarian and foreign professionals.

June 2013

After the succesful proposal of CAPNI a two-year termed project is launched in order to accelerate the develpoment of MIDAS_HU. The project is supported by EU, titled by „Az adminisztratív adatokra épülő magyar mikroszimulációs nyugdíjmodell fejlesztésének elősegítése”, identified by VS/2013/0132.

July 2013

midashu05Workshop I. focused  on the provision of basic data set of the model.

November 2013

The anonymized micro database as basic datat set is completed .

May 2014

midashu05Workshop II. of the project focused on the application areas of microsimulation models.

During 2014

The most important moduls (demographic, right management, pension, household) of the first version of MIDAS_HU model are completed. The model points selection system and database fed by basic data set is completed as well.

January 2015

Finishing the migration process of basic data set to datawarehouse. The range of anonymous analysis is broadened significantly. The datawarehouse can be expanded with new data.

February 2015

Investigation of incomce-sharing processes. The results of the analysis will be incorporated into a Swedish, Belgian, Hungarian joint study. The abstract of the article will be published in the Pension Conformity Report of the European Comission in Fall 2015.

May 2015

midashu05Workshop III. of the project (closing workshop focused on the results).

During the first half year of 2015

The first version of the model and its basic data set is used in more statistical, analysing, and forecasting processes of CANPI.

Joint expert planning process about the further develepoment opportunities of the first version of MIDAS_HU.